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Children's Hospital, New Orleans

Behavioral Health
(504) 896-7200
Office Hours:
24 hours
Children's Hospital Calhoun Campus

Please view this orientation video:

The Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Center is located at Childrenís Hospital's Calhoun Campus. The program offers acute inpatient treatment specifically designed to meet the needs of children ages 8 to 12 and a separate adolescent unit for teens ages 13 to 17. Patients who are admitted to the program are experiencing acute psychiatric and emotional symptoms that interfere with their ability to function at home and or school.

Patients are treated in a safe and structured environment by a multidisciplinary treatment team comprised of psychiatrists, pediatricians, psychiatric nurses, psychologists, social workers, certified recreational therapists, and mental health technicians.

The goal of treatment is to stabilize the patientís psychiatric symptoms and provide evaluation and medication adjustment. We also provide educational groups to enhance positive coping and problem solving skills.

Patients learn to take responsibility for their behavior by actively participating.

This includes:

  • Goal setting groups
  • Structured recreational activities
  • Assigned daily responsibilities based on their individual level
  • Individual, group and family therapy

Families are encouraged to participate in the patient's treatment by attending family sessions and helping the team facilitate contact with their patientís school and outside therapists when appropriate. The treatment team works closely with the patientís family, physician and therapist to develop a discharge plan that focuses on continuity of care and a positive transition from the program back to home or to a level of care that best meets the patientís individualized needs.

Admission Information

Please call (504) 896-7200 to request admission to our program, an initial triage assessment or an appropriate referral when admission is not needed.

The unit accepts admissions inquiries from any one of the following:

  • the childís family
  • psychiatrists
  • primary care physicians
  • mental health providers
  • school counselors
  • case managers
  • probation officers throughout the region

Medical clearance is required for admission. This may be done through either Childrenís Hospitalís Emergency Room or the nearest available emergency room. After an initial intake assessment and medical clearance, the medical director of the unit will make the final decision for admission.