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Children's Hospital, New Orleans

Appointments:(504) 896-9238
Office Hours:8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday
Locations:Children's Hospital, Main Campus
Children's Hospital, Metairie Center
Children's Hospital Outpatient Center of Baton Rouge
Children's Hospital Burdin-Riehl Clinic in Lafayette

Children's Hospital is home to the only pediatric dialysis unit in Louisiana. The Nephrology Department offers full and comprehensive evaluation and treatment for children and adolescents with hypertension; kidney and urinary tract disorders such as nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, congenital malformations, cystic kidneys, and kidney failure; urinary tract infections; urine abnormalities such as protein or blood in urine; and fluid, electrolyte and acid-base disorders. All end-stage renal disease services, including all types of dialysis and kidney transplantation, are offered. Modern diagnostic evaluations, including ultrasound-guided kidney biopsies, kidney function studies, as well as radiological, power Doppler ultrasonographic, radioisotope and magnetic resonance imaging are available.

Kidney Transplants

The kidney transplant team provides kidney transplantation evaluation, surgery and follow-up care for children with end-stage kidney disease. A comprehensive multidisciplinary approach is provided to patients and their families, including a coordinated post-transplant management of care.

Children’s Hospital’s multi-disciplinary transplant team includes:

• Anesthesiologists
• Nephrologists
• Transplant surgeons
• Critical care specialists
• Infectious disease specialists
• Registered nurses
• Pharmacists
• Laboratory specialists
• Dieticians
• Therapists
• Social workers
• Clinical coordinators

Diego Aviles, MD
Director, Nephrology, Children's Hospital New Orleans
Medical Director, Children's Hospital's Renal Transplant Team
Chief, Division of Pediatric Nephrology and Professor of Pediatrics, LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans; Director of the Dialysis Unit, Children's Hospital New Orleans

Professional School:
University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Specialty Training:
Georgetown University Medical Center, Washington D.C.

Special Interests:
Nephrotic syndrome, chronic renal failure, hypertension, dialysis, kidney transplantation 

In Area Since: 1994
In Practice Since: 1988

Franca Iorember, MD
Pediatric Nephrologist, Children's Hospital
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans

Specialty Training:
University of Jos, Nigeria
Nationwide Children's Hospital, Columbus, Ohio

Isa F. Ashoor, MD
Pediatric Nephrologist, Children's Hospital

Professional School:
Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain
Specialty Training:
Shands Hospital, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA
Special Interests:
Kidney transplantation, chronic kidney disease