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Children's Hospital, New Orleans

Special Events Proposal
 If you are interested in hosting an event or fundraiser on behalf of Children’s Hospital, we request that you complete an event proposal form to outline the details of your event. This form will provide us with a clear understanding of your event and will let us know what, if any, support or assistance you will be requesting from the hospital staff and/ or volunteers.

Children’s Hospital is accountable to the public for fund-raising activities using Children’s Hospital’s name. Because the hospital receives many requests for fundraisers, this proposal form is not a guarantee of approval. The following information must be submitted to the hospital for review and approval before proceeding with event plans. We must make certain that dates do not conflict or that the same sponsors are not asked once too often.

Until the event is approved, no public announcements can be made and the event may not be promoted in any way with the Children’s Hospital name and/or logo. If event expenses are greater than money raised by the event, the event organizer is responsible for those expenses.

Proceeds must be received within 30 days of the fundraising date or campaign. If you have any questions, please contact Public Affairs office at (504) 896-9373

Special Event Proposal Form

Please download complete the Special Events Proposal (.pdf) for all proposals.