What the Media Got Wrong

  • Fiction: This fungus is rare.

  • Fact: Rhizopus is a common fungus found abundantly throughout our natural environment, especially in dirt and soil. While the fungus is common, infection and complications from it are not.

  • Fiction: Children’s Hospital kept this information a secret.

  • Fact: Children’s Hospital informed the CDC and DHH, although it was not required, immediately after the infection was discovered. DHH contacted hospitals across the state to determine whether any had experienced a similar outbreak. Following the investigating, Children’s Hospital allowed the CDC to present the information at a conference in 2010 and the case has been published in two laundry publications. It is being published in the "Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal” five years after the incidents occurred due to the time it took the CDC to complete its investigation and findings. As reported by the CDC to NOLA.com, investigations of this nature take time.

  • Fiction: Children’s Hospital does not report its quality measures.

  • Fact: Children’s Hospital is accredited by the American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Surgeons, Commission on Cancer, Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, National Marrow Donor Program, and the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy. Children’s Hospital is an active member of the Children’s Hospital’s Solutions for Patient Safety Network, a collaborative of 78 children’s hospitals that is breaking ground in advancing patient safety through the application of safety science techniques and evidence based guidelines. Children’s Hospital is part of the network of hospitals that report data on the 10 most frequent hospital acquired conditions affecting pediatric patients, which the network in turn reports. Click here for a full list of Children's Hospital's Accreditations and Affiliations.

  • Fiction: Children’s Hospital does not use proper procedure to sterilize linens.

  • Fact: In the Operating Room, Children’s Hospital has used all disposable, pre-sterilized drapes, gowns and towels for many years. Children’s Hospital follows CDC guidelines with regard to disinfecting laundry to make them "generally free of vegetative pathogens” (i.e., hygienically clean) in all acute care units. For NICU patients, Hematology/Oncology patients, and for other immunocompromised patients linens are sterilized before use via autoclaving after laundering, although the CDC does not require it.



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