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Who Needs Parenting Advice?
1/8/2013 8:04:22 PM

January 8th, 2013, WWL-TV

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Who Needs Parenting Advice?

Parenting can be such a rewarding and exciting experience. It can also be exhausting and frustrating. Parents need resources and support to do the job well.

In good times and in bad, parents benefit by having a community – large or small.

Becoming a parent changes your daily life and can separate you from people you spend time with. But parenting in isolation can be stressful and lonely. Whether it is extended family, neighbors, your church community, or a group that gets together at a play spot, it’s good for parents to have a community where they feel supported and where they can focus on just being a parent.

Some parents know they need help or ideas – regarding discipline or learning issues, for example, but other parents also benefit from learning more about parenting by having informed expectations;

It has been noted that parenting, not an exact science, falls somewhere between an art and a combat zone. Still, unless there is a real problem, most parents don’t look beyond their friends and family for parenting help.

Though there is no ONE WAY to parent, there are aspects of child development that lead to best practices. Put simply, parents who know what to expect at different ages can feel more comfortable with their child’s behavior. Discipline may be one of the trickiest issues a parent faces. Deciding how to handle unwanted behavior should be rooted in knowing what behavior is "normal” at different ages and what responses are likely to work. By learning a little about the challenges ahead, parents can be more prepared and respond in ways that help their children and encourage positive, healthy development.

The internet can help sometimes, but may be confusing and even contradictory;

Those who take the next step are likely to start with the internet where they will be bombarded by information and opinions – often contradicting. With all of the information available regarding parenting and child development, some parents will get overwhelmed and give up or try something that sounds good but is not compatible with their own family values. A quick search may lead parents to a "quick fix” parenting idea that may not be the best thing in the long run.

Parenting is a challenging "job,” but it should not be all work and no play. Make sure the advice you get suits you and your family and enhances your relationships. 

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Jenni Watts Evans

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